About M SALT

The M SALT story.

It all started on a beautiful summer night in Grand Haven, Michigan. After grilling steaks and veggies seasoned to perfection with M SALT, we headed to the beach for a bon fire. As we sat on the shores of Lake Michigan watching the flames pop and dance to the sky, it hit us. Why don’t we take our show on the road? Everyone had been telling us to bottle M SALT and let everyone enjoy it. That’s exactly what we did. An old family recipe passed down by generation is now available to turn your food from ordinary to extraordinary.

The perfect blend of salt, herbs and spices will dazzle your taste buds. We hope you will enjoy M SALT as much as we have all these years.


Meet our founder Nina McKeough.

Nina was born and raised in Chicago. She attended Lake Forest College, while pursuing a career as a model in Chicago.  After graduating Nina lived around the US, Australia, Switzerland and Italy, to continue her career in modeling. When she moved back to the US, she moved to West Michigan where she raised her 4 children. She is an avid skier and sailor. She loves to entertain and cook for all of her friends.  Nina and her original 2 partners started M SALT in 2008.  A part-time project to share their love of M SALT.  In 2012, Nina became sole owner of M SALT. Since that time Nina has continued her passion of sharing M SALT and growing the company.  

Nina was recently quoted in an interview, "We've had steady growth through the years and elated how M SALT is loved world wide. Our goal is to make M SALT a household name.  We also have plans to add new products to our line this year. All good things happening.  We're excited about the future and to introduce the new products to our customers."

Nina's kids have also gotten involved in the business.  Helping package on-line orders, working at farmer's markets, local deliveries and grocery store demo's. 

M SALT looks forward to a bright and FLAVORFUL future!


M SALT is a healthy alternative to just "salting" your food.

M SALT has a fraction of the sodium of table salt and 100 times more flavor. (1/4 teaspoon: 2,335 mg of sodium in table salt vs. 290 mg in M SALT)  So enjoy M SALT without the worries of regular salt.